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Committees and Liaisons to the Board


 Activities Warren, Bonnie
Audit, Budget, Finance Chuck Greenberg
Advertising Warren Berkowitz/Fred Hirsh
Beautification Robbie Schecter
Cul de Sacs Liaison Robbie Schecter
Grievances Fred Hirsh
GEM Newsletter/Website Bonnie Siegel
Insurance Certification Bonnie Siegel/Ben Lorick
Insurance Matters Bonnie Siegel/Ben Lorick
Legal Fred Hirsh
Community Outreach Bonnie Siegel, Ben Lorick
Long Range Planning Fred Hirsh
Daily Pool & Pavilion Operations Shelly Kleinberger
Maintenance of Grounds Lenny Kirschenbaum/Bonnie Siegel/Robbie Schecter
Sales and Rentals Bonnie Siegel
 Sanitation and Recycling Bonnie Siegel
Winter Maintenance Lenny Kirschenbaum